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Who Needs to Fill out the I-864A Form?

Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member Form I-864A is a contract between the sponsor and a household member. When you have one or more co-sponsor(s) other than your alien spouse (beneficiary), each of the co-sponsors has to fill out their own I-864A form.

However, if you are using your alien spouse (beneficiary)’s current income as part of your household income, the alien spouse DOES NOT need to fill out the I-864A form. The only situation that he/she needs to fill out the I-864A form is when he/she has derivative relatives who are applying for a green card with him/her.

I-864A and I-864 are an important part of the whole I-845 application. In the next post, we will talk more about the sponsor's financial requirements for form I-864 Affidavit of Support. Stay tuned!

Disclaimer: This article is for sharing personal experience only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice.

What Tax Return Documents Are Required for Form I-864 Affidavit of Support

What Tax Forms Are Required for I-864? The petitioner (U.S. citizen) is only required to provide the most recent year tax return document. However, you can provide the most recent three-year tax return documents if you think those will help prove your support.

You can provide IRS tax return forms along with your W2s, Form 1099, tax schedules (for self-employed sponsors) OR IRS tax transcripts. You can get your IRS transcripts from IRS’s website here. I think an IRS tax transcript is simpler with fewer pages, but it’s really up to you!

Good luck with your I-485 application!

Disclaimer: This article is for sharing personal experience only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice.

How Long Does It Take to Receive My I-693 Report?

Finally, you have finished the medical exam. Now you are wondering how long do you have to wait to receive your report from the doctor.
How Long Does It Take to Receive My I-693 Report? Every clinic has a different schedule of course. It took me one week to get the report from my doctor because he only works two days a week. Normally, I would say 2-3 days if you have all the vaccinations done before already.

Once you get the I-693 report from your doctor, he/she will instruct you to sign and date the form and seal the report. Be careful - DO NOT open the envelope!USCIS won’t accept any opened I-693 envelope. Just submit the sealed report as it is to USCIS.
Can I Get a Copy of My I-693 Form? On the I-693 form instruction, it states that the immigration doctor is supposed to give you a copy of the complete form for your record so be sure to ask for a copy! Unfortunately, my doctor refused to follow the instruction, so I can only trust that they took care of everything without any issues…

Green Card Medical Exam for Pregnant Women

Can I still pass the Green Card Immigration Medical Exam if I am pregnant? It depends! If you are seeing your OBGYN regularly, they probably have already tested Syphilis and Gonorrhea for you. Ask for the test results from your OBGYN and bring it with you to the immigration exam, you may be able to save a few dollars by avoiding the redundant tests!
About Syphilis Test Be careful though, according to CDC’s website, starting from 2013, Syphilis tests performed before the panel physician or civil surgeon exams the applicant are not acceptable. So theoretically, your Syphilis test results from your OBGYN before the immigration exam will not be accepted. To be safe, you can have it tested right at the immigration doctor.

I just got tested for Syphilis at my OBGYN about a month before the immigration exam so my doctor used that record. Hopefully, this won’t cause any RFE. I will keep you all updated what happens after!
About MMR Vaccine The only vaccination that can be dangerous to pregnan…

What Vaccines Are Required for the I-485 Green Card Application?

The immigration medical exam might be one of most time-consuming and complicated parts of your I-485 application. There are some long, long lists on USCIS’s website and CDC’s website regarding the vaccinations and tests you need for the I-693 report. However, many of them are subject to your age group. If you are between 18 and 64 years old, generally, you only need 4 vaccines and 3 blood tests, including:
What Vaccines and Tests Are Required for the I-693 Medical Exam? Td/ T-Dap: Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (expire every 10 years) MMR Varicella - If you had chickenpox before, you don’t need it Influenza (Flu Shot) - You only need this during flu season, from October 1st to March 31st Syphilis Test*- Please read important update below Gonorrhea Test Tuberculosis Test** - This needs to be tested every 1 year. Please read the important update below Click here to see the Vaccine Requirements According to Applicant Age. 

Varicella can be avoided if you or your family remember you had …

Where Do I Find a Green Card Immigration Doctor?

When applying for the adjustment of status (I-485), form I-693 report of medical examination and vaccination record is required. This is one of the most troublesome parts of the application process for many immigrants.
How to Find an Immigration Doctor? You will need a qualified immigration doctor to help you fill out most of your I-693 report of medical exam and vaccination record. Go to the USCIS website to search for a listed doctor that’s convenient for you.
Green Card Medical Exam Cost Each doctor charges differently, so I suggest you call at least 3 to compare the prices. Note that a lot of immigration doctors only take cash or check. The cost can range between $120 and $300 depending on the area you are in.

If you already have done some of the required vaccinations or blood test, be sure to bring them with you to the doctor’s appointment. You may be able to save some redundant vaccination shots!
6 Questions to Ask Your Potential Green Card Immigration Doctor Do your homework be…